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Oak wine barrels

Oak Wine Barrels

100% hand made manufacturing

These wine barrels have the capacity for about 225 liters and were specifically designed for the fermentation and maturation of white and red wines.

They are used, traditionally, by the bulgarian wine producers, since they correspond to the characteristics and requisites of local production.

The barrels are made with the bulgarian oak wood and have been having an enormous acceptation internationally, due to the lightness and richness they add to the taste of the wine. The oak is obtained in the eastern parts of the Balkans mountains and Sakar mountains from November to March. A selection of wood with a minimal diameter of 55cm is done. The wood is sawed in arches and dried under weather conditions for at least 24 months.

These barrels are hand made and their production achieves thousands of units per year. The hoops are made with zinced iron and the inside of the barrels can be toasted in case this operation, which can be light, moderate or strong, is requested by the client.

OThe barrels’ quality control is done in each phase of the technological process and the barrels also have a guarantee of 6 months, in the case of being properly stored and used.

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